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Bre Love &

Maurice Walters II

in A Mourning

Hollow (2014)

Your Support Is Necessary

Inspire. Invest. Thrive.

Donor support allows Tesseract Theatre's mission of creating diverse work to thrive.  As a not-for-profit organization, our work is only possible because of donors like you. If you are already a donor, you are much appreciated! If you are not, consider joining our family of supporters. A gift to Tesseract Theatre ensures that the playwrights and plays you'll come to love will be supported and produced.

We have a saying at Tesseract Theatre: "We tell big stories small." Which means we take on big issues that we feel our audiences want to see discussed on stage and produce those stories in a small intimate setting. So, in keeping with our philosophy of 'telling big stories small', we'd like you to consider making a small donation to help out in a big way. 

Levels of Support

The Zero Dimension - $25

Represented by a single point, the zero dimension is the beginning.

That’s right, your ticket price. Just by purchasing, you are already an integral part of the Tesseract family. Why not take that relationship to the next dimension? This is the perfect amount to help us feel your presence and support of our mission.

The First Dimension - $75

Find two points, connect them and create a line. You have entered the first dimension.

Join the first dimension by contributing $75. This amount is close to what the theatre company would spend per evening for venue rental on average. Help us make sure every last performance of each production be accessible to the greater community. 

The Second Dimension - $150

Take three or more lines and arrange them any way that they connect. Maybe it’s a triangle or some sort of rectangle. We work with squares here at Tesseract. You have entered the second dimension.






Join the second dimension by contributing $130. One of the biggest budget items for producing theatre is performance rights. When producing a new play, Tesseract Theatre pays performance rights directly to the artist. An average per night performance fee can average around $130. This amount would help support playwrights and develop their new works one day at a time. 

The Third Dimension - $500

Take six squares and arrange them into a cube. You have entered the third dimension.





Step into the third dimension by contributing $500. Help Tesseract Theatre get the word out! One hardship of any performance company is being visible to the community. This amount would ensure awareness of new theatrical art in St. Louis. 

The Fourth Dimension - $1000

Take eight cubes and arrange them into a Tesseract. You have entered the fourth dimension.




Transcend to the fourth dimension by contributing $1000+ 
Help us grow! It is the mission of Tesseract Theatre to help build an artistic home for St. Louis talent. 

We would love to expand our home to larger venues and increase pay to our artists. Help us get there!

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