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Audition Information

Current Audition Postings:

Tesseract Theatre would like to announce audition opportunities for
our upcoming 2023 Summer New Play Festival.

Auditions will be held by appointment on:

Sunday February 19th 10am-2pm
Monday February 20th from 6pm-9pm

Auditions will take place at:
The .Zack Theatre
3224 Locust Ave
St. Louis, MO 63103

To sign up for an audition please visit this site:

Information about Red Curtain Rivalry:

Which production will you go see?

Two community theaters in the same city are accidentally putting on the same musical at the same time due to a publishing company's error. The members of the dueling troupes have to untangle the mess--the show must go on, of course! Between big misunderstandings, a few shenanigans, and a lot of lessons learned, watch as each company battles to win the most audience members and prove themselves the best production of "A Doll's House: The Musical!" that the community theatre community has ever seen.

Auditions will also consist of cold readings. Please bring headshot and resume if you have one. Callbacks, if necessary, will be held at a later date that is suitable for both the director and actor. 

Director Shane Signorino seeks the following:

PENELOPE: F, late 20s-30s. Here to have fun. Did theatre in high school and misses it after years at a corporate job. Close friends with Ronnie.

RONNIE: M, late 20s-30s.Too ambitious for his own good. Professional actor, but has a day job and will do community productions when he's passionate about the show. Close friends with Penelope.

CLARISSA: F, late 20s-30s. Here to win. She is the best and will make sure everyone knows it. Her dreams to take over Broadway were overtaken by motherhood. Daughter of Herbert, mother of Willow.

YOLANDA: F, 40s-50s. Director at The Essence Theatre. Artsy fartsy bitch. Rival to Gareth.

GARETH: M, 40s-50s. Director at The W Theatre. Precise and rigid bastard. Rival to Yolanda.

WILLOW: F, age 10-12. Quiet and bookish. She's never yearned for attention but her mother shoves her in the spotlight regardless. Daughter of Clarissa, granddaughter of Herbert.

MISSY: F, 10-12. Bratty, entitled, pretentious. If she isn't in the spotlight, she'll make sure that gets fixed. She's not just here to win, she's here to dominate. Daughter of Chester.

CHESTER: M, 30s. A single dad who is overwhelmed and, despite tryinghis best, is not doing very well. He's kind of afraid of his daughter, though he is supportive of her interests (but really, what choice does he have? She's scary.). Father of Missy.

HERBERT: M, 70+. Beloved, token old man in the community theatre community, though his hearing ain't what it used to be. Father of Clarissa, grandfather of Willow.

ARTHUR: M, 60+. Mostly tolerated, mischievous old man of the community theatre community. Loves a good prank more than he should. Obnoxious but never creepy.

JUDY: F, 40-60. Licensing agent over these productions. Doesn't know how this happened. Her customer-service-y countenance slowly diminishes throughout her scenes.

Festival runs July 3rd-July 23rd, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 4pm. 

Information about In Bloom:

How does a family grow to love someone new?

Dorothy is raising four teenage girls all on her own, but when she meets someone at her mother's wedding, she begins the year-long journey towards her own. Through banter, brawls, and journal entries, new comedy In Bloom examines a pivotal year for this family and how they must stretch their deep love for one another in order to welcome someone new.

Auditions will consist of cold readings. Please bring in headshot and resume. Callbacks, if necessary, will be held at a later date that is suitable for both the director and actor. 

Director Brittanie Gunn seeks:

DOROTHY, a 43 year old woman. Mother to Rosalind, Lorelei, Camille, and Eileen. Practical, and self disciplined. A three-dimensional woman, who is flawed, funny, sharp and resilient. She deeply loves her daughters, but is under high stress, trying to balance raising them all on her own. She wants to give her children a better life than she had.

ROSALIND, a 18 year old woman. Responsible, but a bit burdened by her own responsibility. Ambitious, clever, and arrogant. She is highly proud of her own intelligence, but her social emotional intelligence is sometimes lacking. She wants to become a pilot.

LORELEI, a 16 year old woman Private, perceptive, and dramatic. She is bright, sarcastic, "misunderstood," and highly sensitive. She spends her days working at the movie theatre, playing scrabble with Camille, or writing poetry.

CAMILLE, a 15 year old woman. Quiet, curious, and restless. She is more patient than the rest of the women, but bottles in far too much. She transitions and out of bouts of juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. She is often frustrated by her own pain and the way her family believes they are helping her. She wants desperately to feel in control and plant a garden in the backyard.

EILEEN, a 12 year old woman. Independent, assertive, funny, and fearless - except when it comes to change. Anything involving large change sends her into panic and anger. She is utterly dedicated to field hockey, but has absolutely no natural talent.

The festival runs July 3rd-July 27th, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 4pm.

Both auditions will consist of cold readings.


Please show up prior to your audition time if you need time to prepare before your audition.

To sign up for an audition please visit this site:

Summer Fest 23 poster.jpg
Summer Auditons
Kinky Boots and Mad Ones




Your sheet music should be in the proper key with cuts marked.

An accompanist will be provided (Tracks will not be accepted).

Please bring a headshot and resume for each show you are auditioning for.


Callbacks for both shows will take place on Wednesday 3/29/23 @ 6PM.

Individuals called back will receive preparation info via email. 

In the room:

  • Kevin Corpuz: TTC Creative Director/Assistant Director-Kinky Boots/Co-Director-The Mad Ones

  • Taylor Gruenloh: TTC Creative Director/Director-Kinky Boots

  • Brittanie Gunn: TTC Creative Director/Co-Director-The Mad Ones

  • Maggie Nold: Choreographer-Kinky Boots


Audition info for The Mad Ones:

The Mad Ones performances run from November 3rd - November 12th 2023

Synopsis: When Kelly is killed in a car wreck, Sam loses not only her best friend but also the part of herself that was learning to be brave. Now, Sam has to make a decision: Will she follow her mother's dreams for her, or will she summon the courage to drive away from her friends and family into a future she can't imagine?

The creative team is looking for the following:

18, female, any ethnicity. Smart, with a wry sense of humor and wicked sense of play. She takes herself too seriously. She is a worrier.  But don’t let Kelly fool you: Sam is the star (Contemporary theatre/pop belt).

18, female, any ethnicity. So alive, spontaneous, brighter than bright, cooler than cool. She is not bookish like Sam but she has intuition and a deep ability to connect with the human condition (Exciting belt and upper register).

20, male, any ethnicity. He is kind and has great emotional intelligence - and the loyalty of a St. Bernard (Pop tenor).

Female, mid 40s to early 50s, any ethnicity. Sam's mother. Incisive, involved, compassionate, but deeply opinionated. Funny. (Contemporary mix/belt)


Audition info for Kinky Boots auditions: 

Kinky Boots performances run from August 17th - August 27th 2023

Synopsis: Charlie Price has reluctantly inherited his father’s shoe factory, which is on the verge of bankruptcy. Trying to live up to his father’s legacy and save his family business, Charlie finds inspiration in the form of Lola, a fabulous entertainer in need of some sturdy stilettos. As they work to turn the factory around, this unlikely pair find that they have more in common than they realized… and discover that when you change your mind, you can change your whole world.

Filled with glitter, glam and a whole lot of sole, Kinky Boots is a sensation that has inspired audiences around the world by reminding us all that we can change the world when we change our minds. Based on a film of the same name, with music by Cyndi Lauper and book by Harvey Fierstein, Kinky Boots lifts us up and shows us that we have way more in common than we ever imagined.

NOTE: The role of Lola has been precast for this production. No other roles have been precast. 

The creative team is looking for the following: 

Late 20’s – Mid 30’s. Tenor (C3 -B4). Leading Man. Privileged, but likeable – his father owns the shoe factory. He is handsome and loveable but there is a temper right under the skin. Must have strong, sustainable rock voice.

10-12. Tenor. Charlie’s younger self. Appears in the opening and closing numbers/sequences.

10-12. Tenor. Lola’s younger self. Appears in the opening and closing numbers/sequences. ONLY BLACK ACTORS WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS ROLE.

Mid 20’s – Early 30’s. Mezzo-Soprano (B3-F5). Beautiful, and quirky working-class girl who works in the shoe factory. Terribly funny and smart but who has had bad luck with men. Must have strong belt.

Mid 20’s – Early 30’s. Mezzo-Soprano (B3-F5). Charlie’s girlfriend since school. Sophisticated and stylish, she is a social climber, driven, and uncompromising. She knows what she wants and goes for it. Must have strong pop belt.

30’s – 40’s. Baritone/Tenor (C3-F4, must have falsetto to D5 for finale). Lola’s nemesis. Burly, hyper-masculine bear of a factory worker. Has a menacing physicality. Must have strong acting and good comedic timing.

40’s – 50’s. Baritone (C3-F4). Factory manager trying to keep up traditions. Reserved and tightly wound.

20’s – 40’s. Baritones/Tenors (3 sing to C5 and 3 sing to A4). Drag performers from The Blue Angel Night Club who perform with Lola. Must be versatile singers and dancers with star presence and comfort performing in drag. Tumbling, Acro, or Trick work (IE: death drops) a plus.

40’s – 50’s. Mezzo-Soprano (B3-D5). Factory worker who has been there longer than any of the other women. A lot of life experience and a lot of responsibility. Must have strong comedic timing and decent belt.

30’s. Mezzo-Soprano (B3-F5). Officious office manager who will let loose her wild side when she can. Must have strong pop/rock belt.

40’s-50’s. Baritone (B2-G4). Charlie’s father and owner of the shoe factory. Appears in opening and closing numbers/sequences as Mr. Price and fills various other ensemble roles throughout the show.

20’s – 30’s. Tenor (E3-C4). A contemporary of Charlie’s, but opposite. Harry is successful, self-aware, confident and carefree. Fills various other ensemble roles throughout the show. Must have strong rock voice.

20’s-50’s. Various ranges. The ensemble must be excellent pop/rock singers with good movement abilities to fill various roles throughout the show, including factory workers, pub patrons, fashion show attendants, etc.

To sign up for an audition please visit this site:

For any questions, please email us at

Auditions KB & Mad Ones2.jpg


To sign up for an audition please visit this site:

What to prepare:

Please prepare TWO contrasting 16-32 bar selections from a contemporary musical or of the pop/rock genre that best showcases your range.

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