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Heart City

March 16th -25th

a new play Artistic Director  Taylor Gruenloh

directed by Managing Director Brittanie Gunn

Featuring ensemble members Ashley Netzhammer, Kelvin Urday, & Darrious Varner

In this town.
In this family.
Wounds run deep.

Synopsis: Nobody has seen Daniel in eighteen months. When he suddenly returns home, hoping to pick life up where he left it, he finds a family that is slow to forgive him. He also finds a community that is tired and haunted by a past of having nuclear waste illegally dumped in it's creeks and backyards. 

When the world around you is designed to keep you tired and sick, how do you find the energy to fight?

Content Warnings

Knowing that each person has different boundaries of sensitivity Tesseract Theatre does not issue content warnings about an individual play's subject matter. Please email us with questions about age-appropriatness or any other issues that might effect your comfort during the show at:

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