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Honor Student

May 19 - 28

a new play by Michael Erickson

directed by Artistic Director Taylor Gruenloh

Synopsis: A student in a college creative writing class writes a story about a student, much like himself, who brings a gun to class and begins shooting his classmates and instructor, much like the actual people in the class. Fearful that the story is a blueprint for a real shooting, the instructor alerts university officials and tries to have the student removed from her class. But the student fights back. He argues she is trying to censor his freedom of speech, and that she is biased against his gender and race. The instructor is soon on the defensive. Her career and her reputation are on the line. Has she overreacted? Or is there something deeper, more dangerous lurking here?

a pre-premiere production

$15.00 - Adult

$10 - Students & Seniors

Special Performances:

ASL Interpretation - May 27 at 8pm


Christina Rios as Naomi Orozoco-Wallace







Bradley Rohlf as Jason Kemp





Taylor Gruenloh as Davis Herring







Michelle Dillard as Donna Hellinger

Content Warnings

Knowing that each person has different boundaries of sensitivity Tesseract Theatre does not issue content warnings about an individual play's subject matter. Please email us with questions about age-appropriatness or any other issues that might effect your comfort during the show at:

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